How do I configure Bugs From Space?





You are a Human Federation Soldier defending your base against an onslaught of alien invaders. The aliens are trying to weaken your shield and destroy the base. Once the shield power hits zero it is game over. Hold the base long enough and help of some kind will arrive to save the day.

As you fight the bugs you earn credits to upgrade your weapons and armor. The upgrade shop will pop up between each wave unless you have reached a level up, in which case you will be able to choose a new weapon.




Use the trigger to navigate menus, fire guns, and grab and release the energy bow handle.

Reload guns by pointing the barrels towards the ground (flick reload)

Fire the energy bow by pressing the trigger to grab the handle, holding the trigger down as you pull back, and then releasing the trigger to fire

Move between towers by firing at blue zones above each tower 

To open an in-game menu to adjust volume or return to the main menu: 

  • HTC Vive - press menu button 
  • Valve Index - press A button
  • Oculus Touch - click the joystick

Bugs From Space works with HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus Touch controllers




In the root folder for the game you will find a text file called Config Instructions.

It details the options for a config file that is in the data folder (BFS Data or similar).


Please follow these instructions carefully if you want to manually set the server region, or in case you would like to be able to auto start games for customers.


Contact us at if you have any questions. 




Use the below inputs for the "config" text file in the BFS_2022_Data folder


Server Region inputs in quotes:


"asia" - hosted in Singapore

"au" - Melbourne

"cae" - hosted in Montreal

"eu" - hosted in Amsterdam

"in" - hosted in Chennai

"jp" - hosted in Tokyo

"ru" - hosted in Moscow

"rue" - hosted in Khabarovsk

"za" - hosted in Johannesburg

"sa" - hosted in Sao Paulo

"kr" - hosted in Seoul

"tr" - hosted in Istanbul

"us" - hosted in Washington, D.C.

"usw" - hosted in San Jose, California


Use Config To Start - Whether or not to use the config settings to start a game. Server region will be valid even if you choose false

"true" - use config to autostart the game

"false" - let player setup the game themselves (this is the default)


Is Host - only one player should be set to true

"true" - this player is the host



Room Name - Use the same name for everyone you want to launch into the same game (maximum of four players per game)



Right Handed

"true" - player is right handed

"false" - player is left handed


Single Player game

"true" - game is just one player and does not need to connect to server

"false" - game will be multiplayer


Map Number

"1" - Rykar 3

"2" - Vardis Canyon

"3" - Zarnoc Caves



"1" - Easy

"2" - Medium

"3" - Hard



  • CPU: core i7 6700 or newer with similar core/thread count and clock speeds
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1070 or equivalent 
  • 8 GB RAM



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